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Your eye examination

For a comprehensive eye examination and a detailed assessment of your overall eye health, we recommend you allow up to an hour at Clamps. This service would include dispensing and any adjustments that may be required following your sight test. During this time, you will be asked to complete a series of tests which are all designed to assess your visual status (whether you might be long or short-sighted) and eye health. None of these are difficult or painful in any way, but are important for your optometrist to be able to accurately prescribe any eyewear, if this is necessary.

Additional to all the standard tests we have the very latest optical coherence tomography (OCT) equipment at our practice. This allows us to acquire extremely detailed 3D images of various important structures such as the optic nerve and the macular area. Once acquired, we can then take follow-up scans at future appointments to monitor potential changes. OCT imaging has become a mainstay of disease detection and provides much more information than regular 2D retinal photography which we still use (at no extra cost) where required. OCT imaging does incur an extra charge as this is not covered by the NHS fee or by the normal private sight test fee. Please ask your optometrist about this technology when you have your eye test or mention it when booking online or with our reception team.


Once your examination is complete, your optometrist will explain their findings to you, including any updates to your prescription that might be required. They’ll also be happy to answer any questions you have, as well as taking the time to recommend suitable products for your needs, wants and lifestyle.

The cost of a sight test is £60 

We are able to fund your sight test through the NHS if you are eligible 

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