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Presbyopia: definition

When we are young, the lens in the eye can change its shape allowing us to focus on near objects. During our late 30s and early to mid 40s, the lens becomes noticeably more rigid and reading at close range becomes increasingly difficult. This condition is defined as presbyopia and is a normal part of the eye's ageing process.

What are the symptoms of presbyopia?

Presbyopia is usually first manifested by difficulties when reading in low light. Often, you may find it will take longer for eyes to refocus from reading to distance and from distance to reading. Spectacles may be required to give additional focussing power to the eye as reading proves more problematic.

The distance of reading text dictates which power you would require. For example, looking at a computer screen will require a different power from that required for reading a book. We will ask you about your lifestyle and take this into account when prescribing your reading prescription, to ensure clarity of vision for the required visual task. Some of our customers come along with measurements of their various working distances (e.g. from their eyes to the computer screen or their music stands) which can be very helpful indeed!

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