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Contact Lenses


Feel good solution

When it comes to contact lenses, some people are still under the impression that they are uncomfortable to wear and only suitable for young people. However, recent advances in contact lens technology mean that this is no longer the case.


Contact lenses today are made from materials that self lubricate and deliver high quantities of oxygen to the eye – so that they can be comfortably and safely worn for longer periods of time.

Ortho K

Ortho Keratology (Ortho K) is a completely safe and reversible method of correcting short-sightedness so that you can enjoy freedom from glasses and contact lenses during the day.


Ortho K contact lenses work overnight while you sleep to gradually improve the shape of the eye. This makes them an extremely simple and convenient vision correction method compared to more invasive options such as laser eye surgery.

An Ortho-K consultation costs £275.

Image by Victor Freitas
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