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Dry Eye


Introducing the new Dry eye clinic to Clamps!

Do your eyes stream? Are you experiencing stinging, burning or a scratchy feeling in your eyes? Are your eyes sensitive to light? Are you having difficulty wearing contact lenses?

Many of us suffer from these symptoms due to various factors including medications, blepharitis and increased digital screen time. Dry eye syndrome (DES) can have a significant impact on a person’s quality of life. It can make it difficult to read, work, drive, and enjoy everyday activities. DES can also lead to serious eye problems,
such as corneal ulcers and infections.


Session 1

1. Dry eye consultation to determine severity and

formulate a bespoke action plan

2. Thorough assessment of tear film and lid margin

3. Manual assessment of your glands

4. Activa Heat Mask

5. Tearstim IRPL Treatment.

Session 2,3 and 4

1. Review of your symptoms

2. Activa Heat Mask

3. Tearstim IRPL Treatment

Session 5

1. Review of dry eye questionnaire and discuss

management plan

2. Consider prescription for dry eye relation medications,

ointments and lubricants

3. Consider the use of Punctal Plugs

Session 6

Final review and conclusion.

Women Wearing Glasses
Clamps Team

At Clamps, we believe in investing in the best technology to deliver the best results for your eyes; at the consultation, we will explore the reasons for your DES and offer you a bespoke combination of treatments including Activa therapy (a heated device chamber), prescribed medications, Punctal plugs and the new IRPL therapy by our IP qualified Optometrists.

Tearstim , our latest dry eye device, works by delivering regulated pulses of light to the eye, which help to improve tear production and reduce inflammation.

• A white paper published by the Royal College of Ophthalmologists states that IRPL is “an effective treatment for reducing tear film osmolarity and improving tear production in patients with DES.

• A white paper published by the Association for Ocular Surface and Cor Health states that IRPL is “a safe and effective treatment for reducing inflammation and improving corneal staining in patients with DES.

At Clamps, we offer a safe, painless, effective and holistic way to improve your DES.

PS We still have our frame sale until January.

Please contact us to enquire further and to book your dry eye consultation.

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