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Dry Eyes

Dry eye is a chronic condition that affects approximately one in three people in the UK. It is typically associated with rough and gritty feeling eyes, excessive watering and blurred vision after blinking.

While heat compressions, lid hygiene and ocular

lubricants are effective at alleviating these symptoms,

they do not combat the cause of dry eye itself.

At Clamp Optometrists, we believe that investments

in the latest technology are paramount to provide our

patients with the best care. We would therefore like to

introduce two new treat

One step ahead

OCT imaging has become a mainstay of disease detection and provides much more information than regular 2D retinal photography which we still use (at no extra cost) where required.


OCT imaging does incur an extra charge as this is not covered by the NHS fee or by the normal private sight test fee. Please ask your optometrist about this technology when you have your eye test or mention it when booking online or with our reception team.

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